Rihanna Vs. Karrueche Tran: Which Of Chris Brown’s Ladies Is Sexier On Instagram?

These two ladies sure know how to tempt a guy! The female components of the Chris Brown love triangle have no problem sexing it up for Instagram. But there can only be one belle of the social network ball. Who do you think is hotter?

We don’t know whether to congratulate Chris Brown or feel pity for him. Sure, it must feel great to have Rihanna and Karrueche Tran showing off on Instagram for him, but at the same time it can’t be easy seeing your ex-girlfriend try to outdo your current fling via social networking. Either way, Rihanna and KT have definitely gone head-to-head on Instagram. So who comes out on top?

Rihanna is the OG of sexy Instagramming, but it’s actually shocking how closely Karrueche has followed in her footsteps.

RiRi revolutionized the game by posting sexy pictures of herself in skimpy outfits, like a halter top baring the maximum amount of cleavage. KT has matched her, throwing up pics of herself wearing tight dresses too.

And they’ve both tried their hand at stunning closeups — their hair waving gracefully in front of their eyes. And oh yeah, Rihanna and Karrueche both haven’t shied away from showing off their derrieres on Instagram. Chris must go out of his mind trying to decide whose behind he likes best — we know we can’t choose!

Rihanna Vs. Karrueche Tran: Which Girl Has More Fun?
Rihanna and Karrueche have also used their Instagrams to show the world how awesome and fun their lives are. RiRi posting pictures of herself smoking have pretty much become typical by now, but two can play that game. More than once, Karrueche has also uploaded shots of herself enjoying a little puff-puff.

And both girls get down on the drinks from time to time — Rihanna seems to be more of a wino, while KT is all about a classy glass of cognac. Rihanna used to be blonde — was she trying to say that she has more fun?

It’s a little scary how similar RiRi and Kae can sometimes appear, but it does make it convenient and easy for us to compare them. So what do you think, HollywoodLifers? Which girl has the sexier Instagram?

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